Dear Jordie Barrett, Please Join The Hurricanes

A wishful, tongue-in-cheek missive from a Hurricanes fan.

Dear Jordie,

Please play for the Hurricanes next season. Here are a few reasons I think that you should:

  1. You can make a real difference. You like to play at second five, and apparently now full back. If you joins the crusaders, you'll joining a backs division with an all black second five, and an all black full back. I've no doubt that you'll learn heaps, but you'll spend more time warming the pine than setting the park on fire. I think you're better than that. The hurricanes, on the other hand, have some jobs going. Willis Halaholo is gone, and so is James Marshall. Cory Jane is only around for one more season, so there's plenty of space in the back line in your preferred positions. And you needn't worry too much about picking stuff up from experienced players, but I'll get to that in a little while.
  2. You can hang with your brother. I know that Scott plays for the Crusaders. I'm already upset that he moved to Canterbury, but let's do one thing at a time. Besides, he's a forward. If you come to The Canes, you can play outside your brother, who is literally the best player in the world at the moment. You know him really well, and it just sounds like a lovely combination. Talk about somebody to pick stuff up from. I bet you could even teach him a thing or two.
  3. You'll bag more tries. This is speculation, but the general rule is that you get to score tries when your forwards are going forwards, and your halves are dishing up the ball nicely. We've already discussed Beauden, but it turns out that TJ Perenara isn't bad either. They're the most experienced pairing in Super Rugby. I don't think they'll have too many issues with that pack of theirs over at The Crusaders, but I do have concerns about the halves. Drummond, Mo'unga, and the incoming Bryn Hall are all talented operators, but I don't think they match the class and experience of Barrenara.
  4. Coaching stability: I'm not going to belabour this point too much. Clearly Scott Robertson is an excellent coach, and clearly you have a great working relationship with him. Perhaps he knows how to get the best of you. But he's going to have a lot on his plate next season. Over at The 'Canes, we've got a wonderful coaching team who are stable, and already on the horse, with no concerns about getting up to speed. You'd slot into a machine that's humming along quite nicely, and I'm certain you'd slot in beautifully.
  5. You can join a winning franchise. Look bro. Were you even alive the last time The Crusaders won the championship?

So, I really hope you'll give this some consideration, and then eventually admit to yourself that The Hurricanes is just where you belong. You're from Taranaki, which is Hurricanes country, regardless of what anyone says.