jQuery Sandbox

In the process of writing my last post,  I ended up creating a small place in which I could test certain jQuery functionality.

I know, right? Why didn't I use JSFiddle, or JSBin, or CodePen, or something? Well, I wanted to use jQuery in source form, as a load of AMD modules. That's why. 

In addition to jQuery, I installed Lodash (because I never go anywhere without it), as well as Chai and a small test runner I wrote to make assertions.

The sandbox provides main.js, in which we write our tests. Then, the test runner runs them all and puts a little report in the console. The whole thing is cute and super easy to debug. I've put it on GitHub, just in case anybody else finds this useful.

If you ever need to try something out with jQuery, or you want to explore the examples from my last post, then you should check it out.