Max is a developer. Max earns a living by helping to build Magento websites at Redbox Digital. In his spare time, he likes to learn new programming languages, and get better at old ones. Current projects include a foray into virtualised development environments optimised for Magento, and a cute iOS game being written in Swift.

Max was once a student of mathematics at the University of York, and is now just someone who owes them money. Max enjoys mathematics, and its history.

Max is a person. He has some of the things that often people have, including (but not limited to): a mother, a father, a handful of grandparents, a sprinkling of friends and a girlfriend.

Max is originally from New Zealand, and likes some things from there, including pie, chocolate fish, pineapple lumps, wind, and rugby. As far as rugby goes, Max throws his Goliath-esque support behind The Wellington Lions, The Hurricanes, and The All Blacks.